Task 4: Analysis (Active)

Due Date: 8/1/2020
Start Date:
End Date:



    Sub Tasks

    • Task 4.1 Compatibility Analysis

      The Contractor will review data and information gathered through previous tasks to develop a comprehensive analysis report of the renewable energy landscape and compatibility with military installations and activities in northern California.
    • Task 4.2 Best Practice Identification

      Use information from previous analyses to identify local and regional best practices to support compatible renewable energy development. The best practice identification will be used to facilitate the implementation of current legislation in support of compatible siting of energy projects at the state and local level. Any model language that may be provided should be in a format that can be modified by local and state entities to facilitate adoption.
    • Task 4.3 Compatibility Mapping

      Develop spatial data and mapping depicting the renewable energy landscape in northern California and areas compatible for the siting of renewable energy projects including solar, wind, wave, biomass, and geothermal energy generation as well as energy transmission infrastructure.

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